Sunday, March 23, 2008

NewYork in Spring: Early Awakening

Early spring, the waterfall bubbles down the hill while the tenderest of green shoots poke their heads up to greet the warming sunshine. Deep in the heart of the city here, it's as quiet as an inner sanctum. Only the faintest hint of bird song and the splash of the water can be heard as we wander up the path.


Keli Ata said...

A lovely photo and personal reflection on spring as you walk through the prettiest places in NYC.

I thought occurred to me--this early stage of spring looks a lot like autumn. But brings hope is that the in like a lion days of March and April showers ultimately usher in the warmth and beautiful colors of summer.

Hope that made sense :)

BTW: please be careful climbing rocky hills. Be sure to wear shoes with good soles for traction.

I made the mistake of climbing a 15-foot hill at Letchworth State Park in canvass sneakers with worn out, smooth soles.

It was a nasty fall.

Daniel Greenfield said...

yes it can be dangerous, especially in winter when i was going here

central park does have cunningly cut stairs into the rock, but they're not perfect, traction is moderately decent though since they are rather rough