Monday, May 01, 2006


The Bird that calls to us from on high
The Voice that leaps to throat in song
The vaster sweep of Sky and Cloud above
The Wind that calls to us below

The Dream embraces us and we lose
The Inhibitions of our Age and Youth
The weariness that held us once in chains
Is broken with a glad and ringing Song

Fear not the Vastness that calls to your Heart
Embrace that Strenght which sweeps through your Bones
The winter's Cold in which summer's dreams last died
Is Burned away by Spring's youthfull flame

Rejoyce arise, sweep away your Sorrows and your Woes
And renew once more this Summer's Sacred Vows
To Live, to Love and truly be Alive
The Cold is gone, open up your Heart
To the warm Touch of this Day's fleeting Art

Our Days are short, their warmth little numbered when
Come Cold and Barren winds to carry them all away
Open your Hands wide and feel the Warmth between your palms
Close them again and trap a piece of Summer inside
Throw out your Arms and raise them to the Sky
And letting go of the Earth let your Body Fly