Monday, February 05, 2007

Secret Spot

In the Woodlands in Central Park, a waterfall in autumn


Keliata said...

You must know the park like the back of your hand.

Sultan Knish said...

I wish, but I have gotten to know the woodlands better now over the few trips there... since most people don't go there

lemonlimemoon said...

Knowing the park like the back of a hand is my job.
I went to high school with its architect you know...Frederick Law Olmsted.
He sat behind me in chemistry class and well we went to the prom together (blush).
Yes, few know that I was extremely influencial in the parks actual design.
Freddy wanted to make a ball park diamond with a few fancy bleacher seat and maybe set up a couple ice cream concessions. I know he had plans for a grove of Sticker Bushes.
But I was more into paths,waterfalls, lakes, ponds and lovely statues and cravings.
Of course, Freddy needed a bit of guidance, what male doenst? But, thankfully for NYC I was there to help him.
He took full credit though.. sigh.
You can take them to the prom, but you can't make them honest.