Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Used Book Shopping in Summer

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Lemon Lime Moon said...

My arms were loaded down with so many bargains, I couldnt feel my hands anymore. And it was just then that I noticed just one more book I had to have, sigh.
Hoisting the load a bit higher on my chest to balance them I let my fingers stretch out from underneath to grab at the book and ...........what a mess.
All the books lying around my feet in disarray and me standing like an idiot in the middle of them.
I bent down, my knees creeking a bit, to gather up my stash and so did he.
We bumped heads and I fell over backwards on my fanny..thump.
He apologized up and down.
We discussed our mutual headache and love of books over coffee.
That was years ago.
We still have coffee each evening.