Thursday, December 29, 2005



ruth2 said...

I like the use of black & White. Actually, the brownish coloring resembles a 1930s or 40s style photo.

Great caption, too. Expresses what I am feeling at the moment.

Sultan Knish said...

thank you, I was aiming for a sprase effect

Anonymous said...

Don’t worry its not that deep. the water i mean :) ....wilma

Anonymous said...

That one day
sitting on the banks
we watched the full moon
for hours and hours

'Twas our spot we'd say
where we'd think and talk
That special place
no one knew about

Then one day you were gone
I sat there and thought
how much I wanted
you to be there with me

But you couldn't be there
You had moved on
and I was still there
thinking of you.