Sunday, December 18, 2005

Admiral's Row on the Block


Anonymous said...

shalom daniel......:) your pictures are a road map of who you are.......and i find them glad i finaly got to leave message ..todah

Lemon Lime Moon said...

Her ghost returned to see the house that once was filled with love, laughter, the sound of voices.
Dinners, dancing, birthdays, all manner of celebration.
Here Jonathan took his first step while father was watching. And over there Annie dropped the ink on the carpet,(how did we ever get it out) and this was where I set the easy chair and lamp for grandfather to sit in the evenings and read his beloved bible.
Is this all that is left now?
Has no other family had enough love to fill this old place once again that it was left to fade and sink back into the land?
Her spirit returned from whence it had come, saddened that the world she left behind had come no further.