Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lost Admiral's Row

Formerly housing Admirals at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during the Civil War and the scene of balls and formal receptions, these mansions fell into ruin and are slated for demolition. Ivy has overgrown them, their windows are broken, doors gape open and greenery surrounds them inside and out. Soon they are slated for demolition.

To protest contact the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission commisioner here

Learn more here about the houses and the battle to preserve them


Lemon Lime Moon said...

These homes would be majestic if refurbished.
If they put them back up for sale at $1.00 a piece as they once were, it would be amazing to buy one.
Lots of sweat equity and you would have a grand prize of a home.

Kitty said...

Whenever i pass by those buildings, i have this feeling that there's a secret somewhere in those ruins... I know America is in money trouble right now, but it be nice if they renovated the buildings...well tear them down and build them up the exact way they were way back when, and turn it into an exhibit.

They are truly too beautiful to tear down and replace with some supermarket.

Gabrielle said...

These buildings are structurally sound.
They just need a bit of tender loving care.
People could live in them once again.
how lovely that would be.